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Changing settings on your email account

To access your account settings, click on configure e-mail from the hosting main menu.

User Account - Use the first portion of your email address. (everything before the @ sign)

Domain Name - this is your web site domain name e.g. domain.com (do not include www)

Password - enter your email password.

Modify User change your email password, or setup a vacation message

Change Password - to change your password, enter your password in the form, you will need to enter it twice to verify. You will need to enter the new password next time you check your email.

Vacation Message - Enable this option to send a short message back to anyone sending you an email while you are away. The message can state that you are out of the office, and list an alternate contact for urgent matters. Alternatively you can specify to forward the email to someone else. When you return, login to this screen to disable the message.