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Configuring your computer for email

E-Mail Account Settings
Here are the basic settings you will need to know to configure your computer to receive email from Silk's server.

Incomming Mail Server:
mail.silksystems.com   *this is a POP3 server.

Outgoing Mail Server:
You will need to enter the outgoing mail server from your Internet Service Provider, likely smtp.yourprovidername.com.

Username / Account name
Your account name will look similar to your email address, however replacing the @ symbol with a %.

if your email address is joe@domain.com
your username will be joe%domain.com

Spam Filter

We have a spam firewall in front our mail server which blocks the majority of spam before it reaches your inbox.

The firewall is also configured to tag some messages as spam if they meet a certian criteria

These messages will be tagged with [BULK] in their subject line, most e-mail clients will allow you to automatical delete these tagged messages as they arrive, or direct them to a "junk folder" for review later.

Configuring your system to use this filter is optional

Virus Checking

Our spam firewall also scans all incomming mail for known virus threats. If detected, the mail will be rejected and a warnimg message will be sent back to the sender. The virus database files are updated every hour, so it is unlikely that a virus will pass through the server. However it is still reccomended that you have an anti-virus program setup on your computer as there are other methods besides email that a virus could infect your computer.