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New Modules Available for Wireless Mobility!

The following modules have been recently released for our Wireless Mobility Application. Read on to see how these modules can benefit you.

Field Service
Now your field service staff can react quickly to customer needs.  They can receive and react to important customer, dispatch and inventory information while on the go.

Sales Force Automation
Your sales force can access customer and business partner information while still at the customer site.  They can enter orders instantly on the device, working on-line directly connected to the ERP (Silk System) back at the business which delivers quicker order processing.  

Field Data Collection
Perform electronic data collection in the field, with integration to data on the back-end system.  This allows you to improve communications by utilizing wireless connectivity with your office.  

CRM (Contact Relationship Management)
In addition to holding basic information like company names and addresses, CRM also allows you to manage, for each customer account:
- Track and manage tasks;
- Multiple contacts;
- Their basic account status, including money owed, credit terms and credit limit;
- Sales history over the last year;
- Any outstanding workorders;
- A list of the customer's equipment (if your company rents, sells or repairs equipment).

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